Spinnaker Support : Innovations Architected to Support Oracle Database

Matt Stava, Co-founder & CEO
Over the years, Oracle has “conditioned” the market to become more dependent on a continuous cycle of upgrading to newest database versions. However, the constant implementation of upgrades has created a “perpetual instability”, which is not only limited to the database, but also surfaces at the application, middleware, operating system, and hardware levels. Oracle customers who stay current are promised the highest level of database support, albeit at a pricey 18-22 percent of license fees every year. The level of support typically decreases over time, thus forcing upgrades to retain a sufficient level of service from Oracle. For those customers who wish to stay at current versions, contain cost, and drive ongoing stability - enter Spinnaker Support.

Denver, CO based Spinnaker Support brings innovations architected to efficiently support and manage Oracle databases. “Innovations don’t have to bring just new technology but can come in the form of how older and newer technology is managed,” says Matt Stava, Co-founder and CEO, Spinnaker Support. “The company uniquely provides the framework for managing costs and predictability to break the loop of perpetual instability across the entire technology stack.”

Spinnaker Support entered the market as the first service provider to deliver third-party support for SAP and Oracle enterprise applications, managed services for database and middleware, and consulting/advisory services for Oracle and SAP implementations. “We offer a blend of high-value, cost-effective services helping clients to reduce vendor count, complexity, and increase efficiency,” adds Stava. “Spinnaker Supports provides database, middleware, and applications (Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Siebel CRM, JD Edwards, Hyperion, SAP, and BusinessObjects).”

The company’s standard Oracle technology support services include remote fault monitoring, patch deployment, technology version upgrades, proactive assessments, and security compliance reporting. These services span 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, and 12c.
“We also maintain Oracle Fusion Middleware components, including WebLogic, BPEL, SOA and Identity Management,” adds Stava. Spinnaker Support’s ISO 9001:2008 certified processes include marketing qualification, consultative selling, customer onboarding, archiving, incident management, customer satisfaction measurement and follow-up, renewal, and off boarding.

In addition, for organizations that are in cost containment mode, Spinnaker Support offers a pricing model that helps firms to dramatically reduce their operating costs while maintaining a high level of technical support. For SMBs, the company offers lower cost base for assistance, increasing the overall value proposition. “Due to Spinnaker Support’s unique pricing model, organizations can invest in futuristic strategic initiatives— driving digital transformation, exploring cloud platforms, and managing IT talent,” explains Stava.“We allow customers to reduce Oracle-provided support costs by an average of 62 percent.”

The company holds a track record of empowering clients of all sizes to successfully manage their business operations–including 39 Fortune 100 enterprises. LifeLabs, a healthcare services firm, required a lower-cost, high value, third-party vendor to support their Oracle EBS, Oracle database, and Oracle middleware applications. Spinnaker Support empowered the firm with their superior cost and performance ratio, risk-mitigated support delivery model, and their overall EBS, database, and middleware expertise. The company also provided in-depth Oracle application architecture and interoperability knowledge and superior managed services for a fraction of the cost.

Driven by innovation and thought leadership, the company offers a low risk profile. Spinnaker Support has constructed a high growth, strong balance sheet, litigation-free, and high customer and employee loyalty model. Spinnaker Support is strategically adding support, managed service, and consulting offerings focused around the complex application and technology layers associated with enterprise software. “We are hiring best-in-class software engineers in each of our five regional support hubs, including Denver, London, Mumbai, Singapore, and Tel Aviv,” concludes Stava.

Spinnaker Support

Greenwood Village, CO

Matt Stava, Co-founder & CEO

Provides third-party support, managed services, and consulting for SAP, Oracle EBS, OracleDatabase, Oracle Middleware, Siebel CRM, Hyperion and JD Edwards software applications

Spinnaker Support