TriCore Solutions: Data Management for the Modern Enterprise

Mark Clayman, President & COO
The growth of big data is driving an enormous appetite for network capacity, data storage, and new data strategies, creating a need for a new class of manage service providers. As the cost and required skill of managing growing data volumes increases, CIOs are embracing service providers with the expertise and technologies to support their data requirements. CIOs are concerned that their data strategies and infrastructure are not ready for the next wave of innovation and need the expertise on how to architect their data stores for future applications, including the Internet of Things.Today, despite having additional benefits of security and robustness, database administrators face the challenge of migrating, integrating and reporting of data stored in remote datacenters and/or with SaaS solutions.

TriCore Solutions is a Boston, MA based company providing managed data center and applications services in conjunction to its full suite of scalable and reliable managed applications, cloud, infrastructure hosting, and ERP consulting to clients from different industry verticals. “Beyond our goal of providing a secure, reliable and highly performing infrastructure and expertise to manage our customers growing data requirements, we continuously strive to provide additional value to our customers.We do this by not only focusing on core database management, but by working with our customers to enable them to improve the performance and functionality of the applications on those database environments,” informs Mark Clayman, President and COO, TriCore Solutions.
The company manages applications running on database systems in addition to providing patching, security, updates, tuning, availability, and performance tuning of the database. TriCore’s solutions utilizes vendor tools from various vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, etc. to provide patching and monitoring services to support the underlying databases, but also leverages their own proprietary scripts to fill in the gaps where the existing tools fail to provide specialized reporting as desired by the customer. “Our scripts help customers gain better visibility into the performance of the databases we manage for our customers,” explains Clayman.

Every year, TriCore’s customers continue to extend their partnership with them because of The TriCore Trusted Promise, the company’s flagship program. It is a holistic approach towards customers, meeting all the data center needs of enterprises with a unique stewardship account management model. Clients are provided with touch points at all levels within TriCore so that they always have access to experts when required to advance their technology initiatives. One such customer, a large pharmaceutical company, depends on TriCore to manage their extensive database and middleware environment and relies on TriCore to both create standards and operationalize the management of these environments to deliver a more efficient and effective service to the application development team.

TriCore looks forward to continuing to help both new and existing customers better leverage their technology investments to improve the service their customers deliver to both internal and external constituents.

TriCore Solutions

Norwell, MA

Mark Clayman, President & COO

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