MariaDB: Providing Secure and Scalable Database Solutions

Patrik Sallner, CEO
Enterprises across verticals are generating massive volumes of data at an ever-accelerating rate. In such a data driven environment, traditional databases are unable to provide proven results and have limited modeling capabilities. As a result, various businesses are demanding a well-structured database that is paramount to their success. MariaDB, founded in 2012, endeavors to be the prime choice for database professionals by providing robust, scalable, and reliable SQL Server. To accomplish this, MariaDB works closely and cooperatively with the larger community of users and developers to provide open source database software. “We offer advisory services and comprehensive solutions to address high availability, scalability, and performance issues,” says Patrik Sallner, CEO, MariaDB.

The company’s MariaDB Enterprise product provides the optimized MariaDB server and add-ons which assist organizations to install and manage multifaceted configurations of the database. “We give enterprises the peace of mind to confidently deploy this powerful database server as groundwork for applications demanding enterprise-class availability, scalability, and performance,” adds Sallner. With MariaDB Enterprise, clients have access to maintenance releases, patches, bug fixes, as well as security updates. The product reduces the risk, cost, and difficulty in installing and organizing business-critical MariaDB applications.

Based on the platform MariaDB Enterprise, the company developed another product, MariaDB Enterprise Cluster, which is an easy to scale database layer solution. MariaDB Enterprise Cluster is a readily deployed high availability solution that provides competitive advantages by aiding enterprise to accomplish service level objectives for high availability in the most cost-effective manner. “Whether the organization is upgrading their database, system software, or hardware, or recuperating from an adversity, they can count on zero app downtime with MariaDB Enterprise Cluster,” adds Sallner. In addition, MariaDB Enterprise Cluster makes no changes to an organization’s applications while scaling the database layer.
Organizations can develop their cluster to dozens of nodes either on-premise or in the cloud, while preserving their constantly circulated workload. Furthermore, the company’s product MaxScale allocates scaling of an organization’s database infrastructure as well as maintains the requirements of DBAs, developers, and data architects. The product essentially helps to scale the database infrastructure with no application-level code changes.

MariaDB recently worked with IBM to port MariaDB to POWER8 servers. “We are operating jointly with IBM to bring forward extraordinary scalability and performance for the most demanding enterprise workloads,” explains Sallner. Although MariaDB is a young company, it has become a major player in the database sector. “Our database technology solutions are used by the world’s largest companies and websites to meet their business requirements,” says Sallner. In one instance, a Belgium based tour operator, Jetair, needed a solution that maintained stability between cost and productivity. The growth of Jetair’s customer and employee base across Europe resulted in generation of massive amounts of data that led to increase in maintenance costs. Eventually, Jetair knocked the doors of MariaDB and the high availability solutions suggested by MariaDB were able to keep the client’s escalating maintenance costs within budget. The solution also provided flexible expansion possibilities to the client.

We offer advisory services and comprehensive solutions to address high availability, scalability, and performance issues

It is important to note that MariaDB Portal links to limitless technical guidance and hot-fixes within just 30 minutes, satisfying clients. For the road ahead, the company plans to further enhance their solutions so that customers and partners can achieve more beneficial results through database developer enablement and productivity.


Espoo, Finland

Patrik Sallner, CEO

MariaDB is a provider of open source database technology that focuses on innovation, and cutting-edge experimental technologies.