DBS-H:Seamlessly Integrating SQL and NoSQL Databases

Amos Shaltiel, CEO Michael Elkin, COO & Co-Founder
Research and development in the area of database technology is characterized to go beyond the traditional methods of data integration and bring a more innovative and comprehensive approach to facilitate extensive use of the data. Today, companies need databases that offer the highest level of performances with unlimited data volume. In this scenario, Jerusalem based database solution provider, DBS-H offers continuous data integration between SQL databases and NoSQL databases. “Our product CR8 can continuously capture changes of the SQL database and convert the information in a manner that the NoSQL database can read and integrate it,” says Amos Shaltiel, CEO, and Michael Elkin, COO, both co-founders of DBS-H.

The company’s flagship product, CR8 is a plug-and-play continuous data integration solution between SQL and NoSQL databases. CR8 reads SQL database’s transactions log files to capture the changes executed in the primary system and replicate the data to target NoSQL systems that are open for read and write. The most noteworthy feature of CR8 is the design playground where customers can build a new schema design of NoSQL database (DRD – Document Relations Diagram) and link it to existing SQL ERD diagram.“CR8 fully integrates with relational databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to extract, transform and facilitate database transactions across heterogeneous database platforms with minimal impact on system performance,” explains Shaltiel.

DBS-H creates and maintains unified view of customers from multiple operational systems. Without the support of the channel, capitalize upsell or crosssell opportunities, the company provides consistent customer experience. DBS-H’s solution enable organizations to view their business in “360 view” mode by doing transparent and continuous integration from existing SQL based data sources.The company’s NoSQL engines offer performance response time required in customer service, scalability and flexible data model. “NoSQL document database utilizes a flexible data model that gives access to the same customer data and add new attributes,” points out Shaltiel.

The company differentiates itself on multiple facets by developing products that do not hamper the customer’s database server and sits on an independent virtual machine, rather than on the main database system.
DBS-H’s developers play a significant role in bringing innovations to data replication projects, and set DBS-H apart from their competitors by providing an innovative approach to define NoSQL database structure and link it to the existing relational database design. “We offer ready to use solutions which facilitates the customer to design the NoSQL database,” delineates Shaltiel.

We offer ready to use solutions which help companies to continuously integrate SQL and NoSQL databases

Since its inception, DBS-H managed to etch out a distinct stature in the database landscape for empowering customers with b e s t -o f- the-breed data integrating products. For instance, a DBS-H customer operating in the healthcare vertical needed a holistic solution to integrate their different sites into one principal site. DBS-H is in a process of implementing their leading edge products which enabled the client to integrate data continuously from multiple remote SQL based sites on to one central NoSQL site. With DBS-H’s help, the organization converted 27 different sites to one main site by transferring data into the security checkpoints of the network. Eventually, DBS-H further facilitated the company to track and monitor their retail and insurance vertical operations that translated into profits.

For the future, DBS-H plans to expand and enhance its entire product range. The company also looks forward to manipulating the data to make the offerings more effective to its customers. The company’s key focus will be data enrichment which enables customers to flow control, monitor, and audit. “We are going to add SQL data sources like IBM DB2 or MySQL and NoSQL databases like Couchbase or Cassandra and will offer comprehensive tools that enable organization to customize their databases and increase business operations,” concludes Shaltiel.


Jerusalem, Israe

Amos Shaltiel, CEO Michael Elkin, COO & Co-Founder

Offers continuous data integration between SQL and NoSQL databases