Top 20 Database Technology Companies - 2017

Top 20 Database Technology Companies - 2017

Today, the data has emerged as the lifeblood of organizations—fueling growth and competitiveness. On the other hand, Database Management System (DBMS) has emerged as the heart of business operations acting as a conduit by which data is stored, managed, secured, and served to applications and users.

It’s no surprise that the demand for DBMS is on the rise as organizations build next-generation business applications. As a result, the market is flooded with different forms and types of DBMS offerings.

Relational Databases Management Systems (RDBMS) are based on the sound mathematics of set theory and offer data storage, access and protection meeting the needs of most of the applications, whether operational or analytical in nature. NoSQL Database Management Systems (NoSQL DBMS) are the next breed of data base systems that are adept to process unstructured data or data sets with a highly variable structure. For the applications that require high-speed transactions and rapid response rate as in case of big data analytics environment, the organizations can benefit from in-memory database systems.

With DBMS becoming an indispensible part of modern applications, choosing the proper database system determines the success or failure of an organization’s IT strategies. In order to help the CIOs find the right database solutions provider, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, Analysts and the CIOReview’s editorial board, has reviewed companies with a proven record of expertise in assisting organizations with cost-effective and best-of-breed solutions. The panel has weighed the support for analytics, integration capabilities and robustness besides quality of service above all else, before cataloguing the finalists.

In this edition of CIOReview, we present to you the “20 Most Promising Database Technology Solution Providers-2017”.

Top Database Companies


Famteck provides software that aggregates real time and predictive analytics through a mobile dashboard with full transparency to executives, management and technical staff


Develops high performance analytic database platform that serves as a key underlying infrastructure for big data analytics and IoT


Offers in-memory software for big data analytics and ultra-fast, high concurrency SQL layer

MapR Technologies

Offers MapR Converged Data Platform for customers to harness the power of big data by applying analytical insights in real-time


Reinventing database management system to support enterprise needs on permises or in the cloud


MarkLogic is an operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database platform which integrates a firm’s critical data and builds innovative applications on a 360-degree view of that data


MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps businesses transform their industries by harnessing the power of data

Oracle [NYSE: ORCL]

Oracle’s latest database cloud innovations help more businesses than ever leverage industry-leading enterprise capabilities while simplifying access for IT and developers

Quest Software [NASDAQ: QSFT]

Database management software tools that simplify complexity and drive performance


Data management system software for data storage optimization that help enterprises gain insights for improved decision-making

Software AG [ETR: SOW]

Software AG's Terracotta In-Memory Data Fabric Platform offers distributed in-memory data management with extremely low, predictable latency at any scale


The company’s database management tools help enterprises, small businesses and developers smartly manage, monitor and optimize their databases

Actian Corporation

Offers cutting edge data technology to ensure business critical systems can transact and integrate at their very best—on premise, in the cloud or both


Aerospike delivers a next-generation hybrid memory database that powers some of the world’s leading web-scale real-time big data driven platforms in digital advertising and omni-channel marketing

CONNX Solutions

CONNX Solutions creates Data Access, Data Movement (ETL), Streaming Analytics and more solutions for Big Data, the Cloud, Relational and non-Relational databases


Provider of NoSQL Database Server for developers to build enterprise applications on NoSQL using a declarative query language that extents SQL for JSON


Provider of distributed database management system that helps manage exploding number of cloud applications

Datos IO

Providing the industry's first distributed data protection software built from the ground up for distributed and cloud databases


Developer of in-memory database for analytics and data warehousing, and offers Best-in-class expertise in data insight and analytics


IBM DB2 is a No-boundaries database software for the digital, cloud and cognitive era