Idera Inc.: SQL Database Solutions for Every DBA

Randy Jacops, CEO
Houston, TX headquartered Idera is proving to be a hidden workhorse for various organizations, looking to revamp their datacenters. From CIOs and network engineers to DBAs and application owners, database performance monitoring solutions by Idera is the first choice for many when it comes to augmenting database capabilities. Whether the need is reduce the management cost of datacenters or handling the explosive growth of data and online web technology, Idera is well positioned to keep the IT systems running smoothly—with high performance ratio in a cost effective manner.

“Many of our customers struggled with the lack of end-to-end visibility in the functionality of their database solutions, which eventually created performance issues and decreased Return of Investment,” says Randy Jacops, CEO, Idera. To address the need, the company has acquired an IT performance-monitoring firm Uptime Software, with which Idera is preparing to create a resilient platform for database-intelligent performance monitoring for midmarket enterprises. With this, the company will provide simple, affordable, yet instinctive database management products that will help DBAs resolve the challenges of their everyday duties.

Idera is betting big on SQL Azure and Amazon RDS as various DBAs, today, are leveraging these cloud services to provide hosted database services alongside their own onpremises solutions. “We have ensured that our products will provide the support enterprises need to make these moves with confidence— from performance management to security and compliance,” says Jacops. The database tools provided by the company are hailed for their simplicity, and increasing the overall ROI for customers. The SQL solutions of Idera take only days for installation unlike other tools that consume months. These database-monitoring products bring the spotlight on the actionable information, which the admin can use to pinpoint residing issues to avoid costly downtimes.“We also support an active user community where users can tap into the collective knowledge of other IT experts, expand their educational horizons, and connect with thought leaders in their chosen fields,” says Jacops.

Our agenda is to deliver best in class quality of software for end-to-end database-intelligent IT performance software

More than 13,000 customers around the world – including many Fortune 1,000 enterprises, government agencies, and some of the world’s largest datacenters and cloud infrastructure providers – rely on Idera products to keep their systems optimized and IT operations running in a smooth fashion. St Charles Health Services, an Oregon based Healthcare organization was able to deliver and maintain 99.9 percent uptime across their entire infrastructure with the help of Idera. St. Charles Health Systems was initially using only the company’s flagship product: SQL Diagnostic Manager. Recently the customer expanded their Idera products to include SQL Compliance Manager, SQL Secure, and SQL Doctor to provide error condition alerting, database troubleshooting, capacity planning, and the ability to do more with less.

Jacops believes listening to their customers and learning about their business and background increases their tenacity on the project. Idera also takes pride in having a clear focus on their current and future products. “While our competition may build from laptops to servers to help desk products, our agenda is to deliver best in class quality for end-to-end database-intelligent IT performance software,” exclaims Jacops.

To further cement their roots within the current database landscape, Idera is looking forward to continue in investing in their flagship products for database administrators, while expanding their portfolio targeting IT operations. “We will continue to develop new patents with organic research and development and expanding with merger and acquisition activity into strategic new areas that meet our DNA of easy to use solutions," concludes Jacops.

Idera Inc.

Huston, TX

Randy Jacops, CEO

Idera assists mid-sized enterprises to adopt spontaneous and low on cost database systems, which are easy to install, while helping them function smoothly with measureable ROI.